Sunday, June 27, 2010

Billing for Sleep Studies

I recently received an email asking about billing globally for sleep studies vs billing the professional and technical components separately. I came across this reference today:

CPT 95805: Multiple sleep latency or maintenance of wakefulness testing, recording, analysis and interpretation of physiological measurements of sleep during multiple trials to assess sleepiness.
CPT 95810: Polysomnography; sleep staging with 4 or more additional parameters of sleep, attended by a technologist.
CPT 95811: Polysomnography; sleep staging with 4 or more additional parameters of sleep, with initiation of continuous positive airway pressure therapy or bi-level ventilation, attended by a technologist.

If a provider bills for the codes listed above without modifiers, the technical AND professional components are included in payment. If the professional component was not provided by a facility, the facility should bill the code using the TC modifier and the interpreting physician may bill with the -26 modifier. If the facility employs a provider who performs the professional component, then the facility may bill for the global code (without a modifier or the code with the -26 AND -TC modifiers).


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