Sunday, March 11, 2007

Separate Bedrooms

The New York Times reports that many couples sleep in separate bedrooms, often due to either snoring or restless sleep:
According to the National Sleep Foundation in Washington, 75 percent of adults frequently either wake in the night or snore — and many have taken to separate beds just for those reasons. In a report issued Tuesday, the foundation found that more than half the women surveyed, ages 18 to 64, said they slept well only a few nights a week; 43 percent believed their lack of sleep interfered with the next day’s activities.
Stephanie Coontz, director of public education for the Council of Contemporary Families in Chicago, said many couples she interviewed were “confident enough that they have a nice marriage, but they don’t particularly like sleeping in the same room.”
“I don’t think it says anything about their sex lives,” Ms. Coontz said.


Anonymous said...

Hello Michael,

A nice blog on sleep thank you for sharing ....and well snoring is a big issue in any relationship because the one who suffers with is not only the person who snores but also his/her spouse/partner.

Snoring occurs when soft palate vibrates when you breathe and gives rise to a sound which may be a soft sound or unpleasant sound. During sleep, the muscles and soft tissues in the back of the throat and mouth relax making the airway smaller for breathing.

Normally, when you inhale during sleep, air enters the nose and mouth and passes across the soft palate on its way to lungs. The tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula at the back of the mouth and is collapsible. If the tissues in your throat relax more or collapse, the airway becomes blocked or narrowed.
You never know that you snore when you sleep. It is your bed partner who informs about your snoring.

Your bed partner is the first
person to affect with your snoring. Your partner is disturbed with the sounds you make when you sleep.
Its better to know about sleep and how we can make our night become a good night sleep… here are the 101 ways to get good night sleep….


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