Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Greetings from Baltimore

Went to an interesting session today at SLEEP 2008 on portable home testing. Not much has changed over the last several months. Most Medicare carriers are still writing Local Coverage Determinations for home testing. It appears that the old code for home testing with a type 3 device (95806) is being replaced with a G code (G0399) with additional G codes for Type 2 and Type 4 devices. Trailblazer, the Medicare carrier for New Mexico and several neighboring states apparently won't cover home testing, though that decision is still under review.
Everyone is talking about home testing, but no one appears to be doing it yet to any great extent. It doesn't appear that home testing will be done to any great extent until 2009; it will take at least that long for the local Medicare carries to decide their policies regarding home testing, and more importantly, get the payment mechanisms/codes in place for home testing

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