Thursday, September 04, 2008

Type 3 Home Testing Device

At Somnus Sleep Clinic, we finally obtained a type 3 home testing device, the SleepTrek 3:

SleepTrek3, a 6-channel Home Sleep Screener, is a small lightweight physiological data recorder specifically designed to assist the clinician in the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing. SleepTrek3, Type III Sleep Screener, uses sensors to record oxygen saturation, pulse rate, airflow, snoring, respiratory effort and body position. The screener is designed to be used in a supervised (hospital/institutional) or unsupervised (home) environment. It is capable of recording 12+ hours of patient data using a single 3.6-volt Lithium battery and a CompactFlashCard.

The SleepTrek 3 has been available for several months. Our holdup in getting it was that we were waiting for the software that would allow it to be fully integrated with the Grass Twin PSG system.
We plan to test it over the next week, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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