Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I've been up to

sorry I haven't posted much recently; I have been very busy. I did my last AASM accreditation site visit on the twelfth. I have enjoyed meeting sleep professionals across the country. I learned something about sleep medicine, either about the clinical or business/legal aspects, on each accreditation inspection.
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is currently recruiting for new Accreditation Site Visitors.
Although I have enjoyed being a site visitor, I am just too busy to continue. Currently I am reading sleep studies for 5 sleep centers/labs: Somnus Sleep Clinic, Forest Sleep Clinic (associated with Lackey Memorial Hospital), Tupelo Sleep Diagnostics, Hancock Medical Center's sleep lab, and Desoto Sleep Diagnostics.
I serve as medical director for the first three. Hancock's sleep center has a local doctor as the medical director, James C. Crittenden, M. D. I am the ABSM diplomate at Hancock.

I'm looking forward to the AASM Business of a Sleep Center Course, which will be in February in Los Angeles. I think that course will inspire me to blog more frequently.

I'm thinking about hiring a nurse practitioner. If they're any interested np's out there, either with a psychiatry or primary care background, please contact me at Somnus Sleep Clinic.

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