Monday, March 23, 2009

More sleep medicine career advice

A reader asks:

I am a US citizen- International Medical Graduate- who will start my psychiatry residency and I am interested in pursuing sleep medicine as a fellowship. Please provide me some guidance...

As a psych resident/IMG, you have 2 strikes against you, though IMG status is better than FMG status. If there is a sleep fellowship program at the place where you are doing your psychiatry residency, that sleep program is your best shot. If possible, do electives in sleep, pulmonary, and ENT during your residency (the ENT rotation may be difficult to arrange). Sleep research during residency would also be helpful.


TimRPSGT said...

I have a couple of questions about the future of sleep medicine. First, how do you see the role of the sleep technologist changing over the coming years?
I'm also curious bout the new approval for home studies with type 2 and 3 devices. Is there a possible business opportunity here for RPSGT's to do home studies as independent contractors for doctors?

seller said...

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Sandra said...

There are many sleeping pills that are available online. To choose the right medicine without side effects is a task. Its advisable to consult a professional doctor before treatment, so that you would be on the safe side.

B said...

In what ways do you consider being trained as a psychiatrist a "strike"?
I just finished a psych residency and doing a sleep fellowship now. I can say it's been challenging finding other psychiatrists also doing sleep. Are there unique challenges we'll face?

Family Medicine Blog said...

I am a PGY-1 Family Medicine Resident and an FMG. I am really interested in Sleep Studies and Sleep Medicine in general, but due to my background I am aware I'll have to face some challenges. Are there specific programs who are more likely to take Family Medicine graduates? I plan to take electives in ENT, Pulm, Neuro and Psychiatry which is not a problem at my program. I am also looking to get a sleep medicine elective in PGY-3 and need suggestions on which university electives would be most valuable? (I am in West Texas)
Thanks very much.

rcbuss said...

I am a family practice physician in a small town in Wisconsin, about 40-70 minutes from the nearest sleep centers, and have interest (along with our hospital) in adding sleep medicine to what we do. Is there a way for me to get the necessary training, aside from the one year fellowship, before I attempt to sit for the boards?

Please post here, if you have the chance, or contact me at rcbuss at hotmail dot com. Thanks.