Thursday, August 10, 2006

Traveling with CPAP

... tips to help CPAP users increase compliance while traveling:
Inform the airline about using CPAP therapy while onboard. Many airlines have strict policies regarding using CPAP therapy while in flight, but by calling beforehand, CPAP users can minimize the hassle that is sometimes involved with using a CPAP device while flying.
Use a battery-powered CPAP device
Bring an extension cord. Travel with extra filters.
Pack distilled water for humidifiers. Keeping a small bottle of distilled water in a container is an easy way for CPAP users to carry along the water needed for humidifiers, Larkin said.
From Sleep Review Magazine . I tried to find a picture of someone wearing CPAP on an airplane to illustrate this post, but apparently there is no picture like this on the internet.


Enoch Choi said...

great post. i referenced you and added comments here:

KWeaver said...

One other thing that air traveler's need to be aware of.

The average battery capable of powering a CPAP is extremely dense and is going to cause the TSA to hand search your bag. It's not a big deal, but it helps if you know.

Though after today, it will probably be required to be checked unless you are on an overnight flight, and maybe even then.

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Richard said...

Until Recently I've had no trouble with my CPAP as a carry on item. However lately every time I've gone through security they (TSA) has been checking it with there bomb swabs. They don't ask for a script or a doctors note. They just swab it down and put it in there sniffer. I asked one of the "agents" why I was getting checked every time now. He said that I would be checked every time and he couldn't tell me the reason. I asked "Do you know why?" He said yes and that he couldn't tell me because of "security reasons". So no problems just an extra hassle that has no explanation. Anyone out there know why?

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Ron Schaberg said...

Great tips for traveling with CPAP.

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