Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The life of a sleep doctor

I have answered 20 questions about the life of a sleep physician for the Student Doctor Network.
Here is a sample question and answer:
What is the best way to prepare for this specialty?
Sleep medicine is a one year fellowship after a psychiatry, neurology, ENT, family practice, pediatrics, or internal medicine residency. The best way to prepare is to do one or two sleep medicine elective months during residency. Sleep medicine is becoming a more competitive fellowship, and it is hard for someone who has only completed an internal medicine residency to get- general internists are competing with pulmonary specialists for slots. If a resident is trying to go straight from internal medicine residency to sleep fellowship (rather than doing a pulmonary fellowship first), some sleep research during residency would be helpful.

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David said...

Boy the people over at Lifehacker have a hard problem initiating sleep.

Check out this link:

They spew out insomnia tips like wild banshees. They are interesting none the less.

Love this blog doc. Keep up the outstanding work over here! I gave your tips to the docs I work with who were taking the new boards this year. They loved the help.

Michael Rack, MD said...


You have some interesting photographs and artwork on your blog

Sovann Pen said...

Very nice interview. I liked your response also to the comments. Honesty from someone in the medical field while refreshing to some can be very confusing to others :)

Michael Rack, MD said...

thanks, sovann pen.