Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Official Comment on Home Testing

Although several posts ago I stated that I was not going to comment on home testing for osa at the official CMS comment site, I changed my mind. Here is what I posted a few minutes ago:

Comment: I am against home testing for osa, but if home testing is to be implemented, allow me to make the following suggestions:
1. DME companies should not be allowed to provide home testing, due to the conflict of interest in providing a qualifying test for a product the DME company provides.
2. Any licensed physician should be able to provide home testing for osa. I am not aware of any precedent limiting a diagnostic test to a particular specialty, and I do not believe that limiting a safe test such as portable monitoring for osa to sleep specialists is justified.
3. Related to point #2, home testing should NOT be limited to sleep labs. One of the main rationales of home testing for osa is to expand diagnosis of osa to areas/populations currently not being served by sleep labs, and limiting home testing to sleep labs would defeat this purpose.

I am against home testing for osa. With the rapidly expanding number of sleep labs, I think that most of the US is now within convenient location of a sleep lab, and I don''t see the need for a test that is inferior to in-lab polysomnography. However, now that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has signed off on home testing, I don''t see any point in arguing further against it, and hope that you will consider my suggestions for implementing home testing.

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