Monday, March 03, 2008

Behavioral Sleep Medicine- Who Should Practice It?

I would like to thank Dr. Perlis for his thougtful response to my Saturday March 1 post. Since not everyone reads the comments, I think that Dr. Perlis's reply deserves its own post and am reprinting it below:

===========> Michael Perlis Reply RE: Michael Rack, MD Post #1169The Threat FROM Psychologists===========>
It is interesting that Dr. Rack phrased the subject to his email this way. I think many people who specialize in Behavioral Sleep Medicine would see this differently, i.e., be concerned about recent initiatives by the AASM as a THREAT TO the continued participation of Psychologists in Sleep Medicine.
MR: Has anyone read the editorial in this month's issue of JCSM by Michael Perlis, Phd? In this editorial about behavioral sleep medicine/CBT-insomnia, Dr. Perlis advocates for the requirement that all accredited sleep disorders centers be required to "have a provider on staff (full time or part time) who is BSM "boarded" or board eligible. ===========>

This was indeed one of many recommendations. There are two issues here. First, it is a fact that most accredited Sleep Disorders Centers (SDCs) do not have people who specialize in the assessment and tx of insomnia. Second, it is a fact that the people who are "boarded" in BSM specialize in the assessment and tx of insomnia and are the only Sleep Medicine clinicians with any certification to conduct CBT-I. So it follows that fully accredited SDCs
Given that the need to provide treatment for all sleep DXs Incl. insomnia
Given the desire to provide the highest standard of care possible
should have BSM "boarded" or board eligible on staff.

MR: I am a DABSM and also certified in sleep medicine by the ABIM. I have also passed the AASM behavioral sleep medicine certification exam, and so I periodically receive emails from Dr. Perlis regarding the issue of who can provide behavioral sleep medicine services (I am also a member of the behavioral sleep medicine committee, but I will not reveal those confidential discussions). There is a growing movement among psychologists who are upset because they are not eligible for the new physician sleep boards to require accredited sleep centers to have BSM-certified individuals (primarily psychologists) on staff.===========>
While there is a contingent of PhD clinicians that are indeed upset about not being eligible for the ABMS exam, this is not the main issue for BSM clinicians. In fact, this issue is old news. The BSM exam was designed and established by the original AASM Presidential Committee for BSM (of which I was a member) precisely to fill the void left by the closure of the ABMS to PhD clinicians. Note: Unlike the new Sleep Medicine Exam… The BSM exam is (and should continue to be) open to PhDs and MDsThe current debate is whether to extend the credentialing process to MA level clinicians (NPs, PAs, etc.). The commentary written by Dr. Smith and I airs out the issues related to this movement and how this might be achieved in a manner that guarantees the highest standards of care be maintained. Finally, please note that one of the recommendations made in our JCSM Commentary is that both BSM and ABMS certified individuals should supervise MA level clinicians.
MR: I encourage all sleep physicians to write the AASM Board of Directors and support the position that physician board certification in sleep medicine qualifies the physician to practice all aspects of sleep medicine, including behavioral sleep medicine. ===========>
There is no question that the certification in sleep medicine does indeed proffer the right for all such certified individuals to practice BSM. The real questions are
1. Do most MDs certified in sleep medicine feel themselves qualified to practice and/or supervise CBT-I and other BSM interventions ?
2. Do most MDs want to practice in this arena ? I think the answer to both questions would be an emphatic “No!”. Perhaps the best analogy, as I understand this, is that MD degree and license is sufficient to for any MD to conduct any form of medicine. So any MD, for example, can conduct assessments and treatment for sleep disorders. The question here, again, is should they ? Are they really qualified? Will they provide the best possible treatment? Like Dr. Rack – I also encourage you to engage these issues and, whatever your opinion, share them with the BSM section leaders and the AASM BOD.
MR: In addition, consider attending the Insomnia Section meeting at Sleep 2008. The Insomnia Section has become a center for psychologists who support Dr. Perlis's position.===========> Please do attend. Although if your expecting this to be a Perlis Supporter Che-Guevara-type meeting… you’ll likely be very disappointed. Sincerely Michael Perlis


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